Three Rivers Gallery was formed by Don and Debbie Wagner
to create a venue to explore and promote Midwestern arts.   
The Gallery was originally a lumber yard in the early 1900's.  
After much and continued renovation, the gallery has become
a working studio for Debbie and an avenue for her art.
Three Rivers Studio
Bennington, Kansas
Paint and Fiber
Debbie Wagner
"Grandpa's Oiling System"
Debbie Wagner, 2011


Buttonwood Artspace
3013 Main
Kansas City, MIssouri

3 Rivers Studio
200 N. Nelson
Bennington, Kansas  67422


Invitational Shows:

Against the Bias: Collaborative Show with Salina Art Center
March/April 2013
Watson Gallery at the Stiefel
Salina, Kansas

March/April 2013
Butler County Community College
El Dorado, Kansas

Translating the Human Figure
March - April 2013
Universal Unitarian Church
Salina, Kansas

Passing Time
Salina Art Center
August 16 - October 21, 2012

The Feminist Project Collaborative
Wichita City Arts
Wichita, Kansas
May 2012

Vessels: An Inside Look
September 2-October 20, 2012
Lincoln Art Center
Lincoln, Kansas

Juried Shows:

National Fiber Directions
April/May 2011
April/May 2013
Wichita Center for the Arts
Wichita, Kansas

Visions of the Flint Hills
October/November 2010, 2011, 2012
Buttonwood Artspace
Kansas City, Missouri

Current Education:

Special teaching with Pamela MacGregor

Felter’s Fling:
Snow Farm, Ma
Instructor:  Karoliini Avilommi  August, 2011
Instructor:  Marjolein Dalinga August, 2011

No image may be reproduced in any manner without prior written consent of the artist.
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